Here at Cornish Seascapes we are passionate about the sea. Perhaps like you, we love the Cornish coast and the ceaseless, mesmerising gyrations of the Atlantic. We also love the stunning shapes, colours, power and the sheer variety of waves that land on our pristine beaches.

We love swimming in clear coastal waters at sunrise. We love finding slow moving, calm waves and the flickering light that shimmers across those waters. We love shooting waves from the water and we love photographing the surfers who try to hide inside those waves.

We also love the lash of impressive winter storms, those howling hurricane-bred furies that generate giant waves and belittle the rock-steady might of our silent granite cliffs. The crash of breaking rollers and the feel of wind-driven spume is frequently the desired soundtrack to our photographic exploits. The beautiful coast of Cornwall lends itself in many ways to the eye of an inquisitive photographer.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you might enjoy some of these photos in your home, and have a window onto the Cornish coast all year round!

Waves, Storms & seascapes